The Other Side of the Equation

by Lilac Sigan

Isn’t it Time for a New Antisemitic Slogan? “Free Gaza” Just Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

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Guess what? A new flotilla is on its way to Gaza, this time from Sweden. We come in peace, they say. The ship is now sailing with “activists” dressed up as conscious driven freedom fighters, that for some reason don’t see any reason to sail to the thousands being murdered in Syria these days, just a few miles away. So lets stop the costume party for a moment, examine the true facts, and strip these “activists” down to who they really are.
The Gaza border is open. Morsi, the new Egyptian president, has decided to embrace Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, and the border between Egypt and Gaza has been open for months. Also, In the past year more than 1.2 million tons of goods have been transferred to Gaza through the secured border with Israel. all that remains closed is Gaza’s access to the sea, so as to prevent massive shipments of rockets to Hamas. Rockets which have  continuously been fired on civilian Israeli cities in the past week, by the way.
Oh, have you not heard of these rockets? Sadly, I’m not very surprised. These things don’t get much coverage anymore, because it’s become a bit boring and happens almost every day. The rockets were the official Hamas response to the Israeli unilateral disengagement from Gaza six years ago. In other words: that’s what started happening when Gaza was actually freed.
There were a few news items in the past week that you may have missed. One of them was about a Human Rights Watch report of the horrifying torture and executions by Hamas inside Gaza. Yes, these Hamas people are cruel barbarians and the Palestinians are scared to death of them, literally. That’s why there aren’t any voices from within complaining about them. Why aren’t there activists trying to save the Palestinians from the Hamas grip? Perhaps because there aren’t many activists who want their body organs torn apart and their families killed. Hamas is an organization you don’t want to mess with, believe me.
Apart from the naval blockade, Gaza is actually free. All it has to do for the blockade to be removed is commit to stop firing at Israeli cities. But Hamas don’t want to commit to such a thing. Why would they? The Hamas charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. Hamas doesn’t really want freedom, it wants death. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up and read for yourself.
Another item you may have missed was about a tweet sent by the Free Gaza founder, Greta Berlin. Before sailing away, she tweeted that “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews”, making it sound like the holocaust was some kind of a Jewish scheme. In this woman’s twisted mind, one of the horrors of the holocaust, which was forcing Jewish prisoners to participate in the mass murder of others in order to save their own families’ lives, is some kind of “Zionist conspiracy”. I guess there’s no limit to the distorted imagination of the bigot’s mind. But at least now you know who runs the Free Gaza operation and what their true motives are, despite the fact that they manage to get such good PR.
Last item you may have missed, was published on a site called Foreign Policy, a site with a very fine look. It posted an article explaining why US officials believe that the US would be much better off if Israel ceased to exist. Just like that. Today, you don’t have to be blunt like Hitler or Ahmedinijad to call for annihilation, you can use intellect and be politically correct. The very thought, so unbelievably racist, was spotted for what it really is and therefore wasn’t much quoted anywhere else. But sadly, there will always be room on the web for antisemitic material, especially if it dresses up so nicely and pretends to be something it’s not.

Extreme left pro-Palestinian movements have become a great hiding place for the new antisemitic racists of this world. Old style racism gets no sympathy anymore, so they have found a new way. They dress up as activists, they completely twist the truth, they collaborate with extreme Muslim groups because “the cause justifies the means”, and they completely ignore true horrific breaches of human rights in this world. They say “free Gaza”, but they mean something else. They don’t deal with Hamas or send goods to Gaza through the open borders for a very simple reason: it doesn’t serve their true purpose. So don’t let them fool you – they are not driven by freedom fighting, they are driven by hate.

Why we are all part of the extremists’ twisted game

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Sometimes when the world is in turmoil and drama pumps in our blood, we forget to stop and ask ourselves – wait a minute, who’s profiting from all this?
The “Muslim Rage” over the anti-Islam film is a bit strange, when you think about it. Why would some silly cheap movie, made by an anonymous guy and watched by practically no-one, get waves of hatred re-percussing around the world?
When you search a little through Islam history and beliefs it’s hard not to see the resemblance to events that have happened in the past. Last week, on the day the violent outbursts began, Muslims acknowledged the memorial of the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq. Imam Sadiq was martyred over a thousand years ago by a dictator who didn’t want him around. Why? Because Sadiq taught the people to think for themselves, instead of listening to the preachers, who were messengers of the dictators, that always managed to deflect the blame for the people’s misery on someone else, as long as it wasn’t them.
And what’s happening now? Is history just repeating itself? This is a time of great turmoil within Arab countries, and the autocratic leaders don’t feel as safe as they used to. Any day they may be overcome by a mad and desperate mob that is now demanding a better life. But as long as the rage erupts towards the West, it is a lot less intimidating for the current leaders. It’s as simple as that.
One of the countries profiting from the rage is Iran – Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, said in a statement on the film that “this great and unforgivable sin would not have been committed” if the United States and other countries “had refused to support the previous links in this evil chain — namely, Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoonist and Koran-burning American pastors.”
When Hezbollah joined the party in the past few days, it became pretty obvious who benefits when the extremists keep the fire burning among the crowds. “Hezbollah supporter tells me their anger is not with American people but with US government for allowing film to spread & not apologizing”, tweeted a reporter from Beirut.
Strange to see a demand for an apology coming from the people who never saw fit to apologize for the murder of a Prime Minister in Lebanon who didn’t behave as expected by them.
“Massive turnout at Hezbollah rally against anti-Islam film. People chanting ‘death to Israel
“, “America is the biggest devil”, tweeted another reporter.
Well, I guess you can’t blame them for exploiting this good opportunity to get some hatred going against someone else, and keeping the attention off themselves.
One of the bloggers on Huff Post wrote that the extremists are giving all Muslims a bad name, and she’s right. For some reason, it is the voices of the extremists that are a lot louder than the voices of the peaceful ones.
It’s quite clear who the beneficiaries from this riot of a party are. And the thing is, that the more the international media gets involved in the story and quotes them, the stronger the repercussions, the bigger the rage, and the better the party becomes. The enormous western media coverage of the story actually helps these autocratic leaders get their twisted message across. Obviously, we’ve all been invited to watch, read, react and share this “party” with everyone we know. The only question is, if we really want to join.

It’s about time to get aligned

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Who was it that said there are no coincidences in this world? He may have been right. So right, that sometimes you have to blind not to see contradicting coincidences when they meet eye to eye.
Yesterday, the Non-Aligned Movement summit began in Iran, with “special guests” from around the world, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Funny how it was also the day that the Gulf Business review aired a list of the 30 top achievers under 30 years old in the Arab world. The hot list received a lot of attention on Twitter, and there’s no wonder at all – these achievers are young, good looking professionals, and they all have that spark in their eye. Their life choices are quite clear – they cannot be described as “non-aligned”.
What does it mean, to be non-aligned? That’s a very good question, especially if it involves the UN, which fed us enough cover-ups over the years. Just to name a few – Syria was a respected member of the UN Security Council for years, and Qaddafi was a major human rights activist with a yearly prize given out in his name.
Regretfully, not everyone has had enough of this charade, and if you need some proof, it’s not in the pudding but in the summit in Tehran. Iran is hungry for legitimacy and support despite the just sanctions imposed on it by the free world, and by showing up at the summit, that’s exactly what these “non-aligned” countries did.
The Non-Aligned Movement consists of 120 countries, most of them Arab or third world. It was established during the cold war in the 60’s, but the cold war has ended long ago, so could it be that this movement’s whole definition should be changed?
It’s very comfortable to aspire to the western way of life and achievements with one hand, and to support Iran’s PR against the US with the left one. But it just doesn’t work that way. There are times in which you simply need to take a stand.
For years Iran has been playing a game of smoke and mirrors with its nuclear ambitions,
supposedly “for peace purposes”. Now that the free world has understood the danger and is united against it with sanctions, Iran’s goal is to form a crack in the wall. But if you want the sanctions against Iran to work, you have to decide which side you’re on. So which will it be: the side of darkness, stoning, torture, terror, and lies covering up the horror regime inside? Or the side of personal freedom, free trade and aspirations for peace and prosperity?
If these countries aspire for a better economy and successful careers, they can’t support the people who are out to hurt this way of life, in the Iranian regime.
Ban Ki Moon is not alone in refusing to take a real stand – the newly elected Egyptian president, Morsi, also arrived in Tehran to smile at Ahmedinijad and his lies, and the two Palestinian leaders – Abbas and Haniya – actually fought over the so-called privilege of being the honorable representative at this not-so-honorable gathering, that is only meant to blow some more smoke into the world’s eyes.
The real problem is that we’ve all grown so accustomed to the hypocrisy of the UN, that we somehow believe people can stick to their double standards whenever they like.
Regretfully, it just isn’t so. There are times in life when you have to align. Are you supporting the world sanctions against Iran, in a big united effort to prevent a disastrous war? Or are you a crack in the fence built around Iran so it’ll abandon its crazy ambitions to dominate the
And no, you can’t choose both, even if you think you can. By choosing “ambivalence”, you’re damaging the firm alignment of the western world. It just won’t be the same if God forbid Iran gets its way. There will be no thriving economy or personal careers to write about in fancy magazines. So if you’re not aligned with the free countries on this one, at least don’t call yourself “non-aligned”.

Hate doesn’t come cheap

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The thing about hatred, is that it doesn’t need reasons or logic to exist. It’s pure emotion that bends any facts in need of bending in order to thrive. If you choose to nurture it, you’ll find the hatred you’re looking for, no matter what the consequences are. But what will be the cost of such a choice?
Morsi, the new Egyptian president of the Muslim Brotherhood party, forced out his army chiefs in order to gain military control this week. But what are his plans for the future? Will he encourage hatred towards Israel further, or will he prefer to focus on economic progression like he promised his voters? It’s still too early to know.
You might ask yourself why some Egyptians would carry so much hatred for Israel after 35 years of peace.  The hatred is so deep that a Candid Camera practical joke that was recently played on an Egyptian actor, ended up in a terribly violent scene: the actor attacked and beat the woman interviewer just because she told him she was working for Israeli TV, as a prank. What is this mad hatred fed on? What has Israel done to provoke it? Why does it exist?
The Palestinian conflict has become the perfect excuse to hate the “Zionist Enemy.” What enemy? What’s the story here? If you check on history, you’ll find that the Palestinian people the Egyptians are supposedly so protective of are not even real friends. In the past, Egypt didn’t want anything to do with the Palestinians, because they had terrorists for leaders from the start. In fact, back in the seventies, Gaza was the obstacle that almost prevented the peace accords from being signed. Israel wanted to return Gaza to Egypt, since it was originally Egyptian land, but Egypt wouldn’t hear of it. When Egypt threatened to walk out on the whole deal, Israel caved. Gaza remained in Israeli hands until 6 years ago, when Israel unilaterally disengaged from it. But nothing there has really changed — terrorists are still the leaders, and this time they’re even more extreme – Hamas. And what are their true sentiments towards the Egyptians? That’s a little hard to say. Morsi has been extremely warm to the Hamas leaders and opened the Gaza border into Egypt, but then terrorists crossed the border and murdered 16 Egyptian soldiers during the holiest of Muslim Ramadan fast breaking meal. Why? Because terror is terror. It respects nothing. The aim always justifies the means.
Morsi closed the border to Gaza for security reasons, but now he’s considering what to do next. Until today, Morsi has offered a friendly hand to Hamas, and a cold shoulder to Israel, but this is what he got in return.
How will Morsi’s newly appointed army leaders deal with Hamas? How well will they cooperate with Israel for the safety of Egyptian citizens as well? Has Morsi understood the sneak preview of what is bound to occur when you decide to become friends with terrorists? Or will he opt for hatred, because it’s easy to provoke and tempting as hell?
When the crowds are busy hating, even if it’s only a virtual enemy that actually wants the mutual peace agreement to continue, since there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t, the crowds have less time to linger on other problems. But at some point they will remember why this whole Egyptian revolution began. The people wanted a better life for themselves: a better economy, stable jobs, a respected income, food on the table, and education for their kids. That’s what brought them out to the streets in the first place. I’m sure Morsi knows that hating Israel or throwing shoes at Hillary Clinton will not get the people who elected him what they truly need.
When you look for excuses to justify hatred, you will find them for sure. But countries, just like people, do not get very far on illogical hate. And what’s more, when hatred drives you to side with terrorists, their basic morals are such that you never know which side of them you’re going to get.

Apartheid is awful, but my question is who the real racist is

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Here’s an interesting question for you: if someone who’s known for their very violent temper declared they hate you and would rather see you dead, would you let them into your house?

Now let me ask you another question: if as a result of your decision not to let them in, your neighbors would say your behavior is racist, would you still value your life and safety over your image in the neighborhood? Not an easy choice, but I’m guessing choosing life and surviving the bad image is what you’d do.

I’m asking because one of the worst slander festivals against Israel just ended these days. It’s called Israeli Apartheid Week, and it’s being held in 109 university campuses in cities all around the world, for the 8th year in a row. It calls for boycott and sanctions on Israel claiming it is a racial state because it discriminates Palestinians.

After spending quite some time in the official website of this noble organization, I must confess – it I hadn’t known the truth, I too would have been convinced – the site is packed with information and facts. The only problem is that these facts are partial, and therefore paint a partial picture that brings to false accusations.

Let’s talk about the word apartheid for a minute: it means racial segregation. Specifically, it refers to a former political and economic discrimination against black people in South Africa.

The website will tell you that apartheid is a crime against humanity. It is. But is Israel really guilty of it? The allegations against Israel’s policy towards Palestinians chooses to overlook one very simple fact. I searched the whole site, and strange how with all the research and professionalism, it neglects to mention that the Palestinian leaders have always wanted Israel to cease to exist, and still do today. The extreme ones, such as Hamas in Gaza, have no problem saying it right out. The moderate ones, such as PLO, try to play down this fact, with the generous help of organizations such as Israeli Apartheid Week.

Is it a crime against humanity to protect yourself from a declared enemy? And if we’re already on the subject – do the people who run this organization think using children as human shields is a crime against humanity? Or regularly shooting rockets on civilian cities? Perhaps educating toddlers to become shaheeds and blow themselves up in public places? They don’t seem to be bothered by these everyday actions of Hamas.

Perhaps this whole “apartheid” thing started as a dramatization designed to force Israel and the PA to finally reach a peace agreement based on a two state solution. The only problem is that it didn’t work. Israel and the PA leaders were on the verge of reaching an agreement many times, but when the moment of truth came, the Palestinian leaders always refused.

The crazy thing is that real racist laws that do exist and awfully discriminate women, homosexuals, Palestinians and of course Jews, in Arab countries such as Jordan or Syria, are completely overlooked. These discriminating autocratic countries who truly go by apartheid laws are never mentioned. Why? Because that description is ironically saved for Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, which has equal rights and equal laws for all genders, religions and races, and has appointed Arab parliament members and judges in the supreme court.

So can security measures be considered racism? I guess when people want to hate and blame, they don’t really need logic and can always find “facts” that will defend their state of mind. Abbas, for instance, is considered a moderate Palestinian leader, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deny the holocaust ever happened, or refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

If you think Israel must evacuate the settlements and let the Palestinians build their own state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, I will agre. That’s exactly what PM Ehud Olmert offered Abbas 3 years ago, but Abbas refused. This was only one of quite a few refusals of Palestinian leaders to Israeli peace offers made in the past 20 years.

I too think the suffering of the Palestinian people should stop. I truly wish they had their own state. But it’s their leaders are a bit more particular about the conditions under which such a thing would actually happen. Israel does not still occupy some of these territories for imperialistic reasons – it would give them away for peace and safe borders. You cannot blame a country for wanting to keep its borders safe from those who define themselves as enemies and continuously practice terror against it.

Has anyone in the world ever been called “racist” because it protected itself against an enemy? I guess that privilege is saved for the Jews. And does anyone bother Palestinian leaders with the very basic question – why they don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist? Not very often, if ever. Maybe it’s because everyone is so busy with promoting the Israeli Apartheid Week. And if that’s not racism, then I seriously don’t know what is.


Could you please stop confusing me with the facts?

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In the world of literature and entertainment, a story of fiction always captures the public’s heart a lot more than a non-fictional one. It’s quite easy to understand why: with fiction you’re free to use your wildest imagination, and create a perfect hero and a perfect story. Whereas in the non-fiction world, the rule is that you have to stick to the truth. But is that really so? Apparently, we’ve become so smitten with fiction, that not only do we use it on the news, when the truth comes up – we prefer to ignore it.Let me ask you a question: what does the name Mohammed al Dura mean to you?

You may remember his name because it was mentioned by the late reporter Daniel Pearl’s captivators, seconds before they ruthlessly beheaded him on tape for the whole world to see, in the name of Mohammed al Dura, the martyr child.

Al Dura’s heartbreaking photo, taken seconds before his death, has become famous both in the Muslim world and in the western one. On Iraqi and Iranian stamps, for example, it appears with the caption: 12 years, killed by the Zionist army in Palestine. A dead child is the most awful price of war. Is it a wonder that hundreds of people raged and died in the name of this boy?

The only problem with this mythological tragedy, is that it isn’t true. I’m not the authority to state this, by the way. It is the supreme court in France that has made this ruling, just last week. Have you heard about it? Probably not. In the past 12 years we’ve gotten so attached to the myth, we don’t really want to ruin it with the truth.

The original Mohammed al Dura story is about a boy that was caught with his dad in the line of fire between Israeli and Palestinian forces, at the very beginning of the second intifada. French television FR2 aired a shaky and grainy minute long video of him trying to hide behind a barrel, crying among the bullets, until collapsing to his death on his father’s lap. Israel and the IDF were blamed, and the hatred towards them roared.

Along the years, many new findings came up about this story. It started with a thorough IDF investigation which concluded that by the direction of the shooting, it’s logical that the boy was hit by Palestinian bullets, and not Israeli ones. Then a German television investigative report showed that the remains of the buried boy who was supposed to be al Dura, were actually those of another boy, questioning if the whole incident actually occurred or if it had been staged for cynical propaganda purposes. It also turned out that the film wasn’t shot by a French reporter, but by a Palestinian who gave it to channel FR2, which aired it right away without checking its authenticity. Search Youtube if you like, and you’ll be amazed at some of the videos questioning if this whole incident actually happened in reality.

But the biggest lie was exposed last week by the French supreme court: it turns out that the boy’s father had lied when he told French TV that his arm and leg were wounded at that same incident in which his boy died. Plain and simple – he lied, probably because he was forced to by Hamas terrorists, and then sued the Israeli doctor for libel. But it was proved that the father’s wounding occurred years before this incident, by barbaric Hamas militants in Gaza. They attacked him with axes and knives, severely wounding him and paralyzing his right arm. He was brought to an Israeli hospital and treated by the Israeli doctor he later sued, because when the doctor saw the father’s false statement on the FR2 report, he sent them the medical documents to show it was a lie.

I don’t blame the boy’s father for lying, by the way. If it were me that had to choose between lying, or telling the truth and being attacked with axes and knives by terrorists again, I’m pretty sure I’d do the same. But while the poor father’s motive for lying is clear – what’s the motive of the western world to keep silent about the truth, and prefer to keep believing the lie?

Sadly, these are the rules of our allegedly truthful world. The myth was aired all over the world and burned into the collective memory. It will live forever, and who knows how many others will be inspired with hatred as a result. And what about the real story? For some crazy reason – no-one is interested in reporting it. I guess it will remain our little secret. It kind of makes you wonder – maybe all we really want is a good story with a hero? And once we get it – please, don’t confuse us with the facts.

Oh, and just in case you personally DO want to spread the truth and shatter the myth? Well, you may want to share this story, and try to make a small difference in a world in which it’s become very hard to know who to believe.


If this is what hate can do to your logic, imagine what love could do

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I think there’s no better day than Valentine’s day to ask yourself a personal question about hatred: how much do you suffer from the hatred that you feel for others? And how much does it make your logic twist and carry itself away to self-destructive thoughts?

I’m asking because this is what popped to mind while I was going over some American readers’ comments about the terror attack against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia yesterday. What most of them said was that Israel “deserves it” because it was responsible for recent assassinations of nuclear scientists in Iran. Somehow, it just didn’t make sense to me. But then again, prejudice and hatred do not bring on acts of sense.

I guess if you hate Israel strongly enough, you can twist the facts and make sense out of anything. Let me explain.


  1. Let’s just hang a moment on the difference between an attack targeting a diplomat’s wife, and an attack against a man of a certain profession. In the terror attacks in India yesterday, the wife is the one who got hurt, right after she dropped her kids off at school. As for what happened in Iran – the assassinations of the nuclear scientists were targeted at specific people who had decided to devote their lives to the development of mass destruction weapons, at the service of a mad tyrant. Moreover – these scientists are people who use their knowledge and skills in order to be a part of a project that is a very big threat on no other than… you. Yes, all Americans, including the ones behind the hateful comments who appear to think “it’s only fair”.
  2. Some of the comments said Israel “had it coming after bragging about the assassinations in Iran”. Bragging? Yes, I know that’s what the speculations are. But Israel never confirmed being behind these actions, and no-one proved that it was. So is it also possible that the CIA might be behind this, for example? After all, if you haven’t  noticed, president Obama is conducting a huge global campaign against the nuclear armament of Iran, and for a good reason. I’ll elaborate in point number 3.
  3. Iranian leaders call the U.S. “the Satan”, and dream about its abolishment, just like Bin Laden did. In their minds, the U.S. is the source of all evil, and only stands in their way. Do you realize the nuclear missiles Iran is developing could destroy major parts of America, and that Obama is uniting European and other powers for an immediate boycott on Iranian oil, because he understands what a big threat a nuclear Iran will pose not only on the free western world, but on American citizens?
  4. As much as you might like to think differently – Iran is not “the enemy of Israel”. It’s true that its leaders are extremely anti-Semitic and want to “wipe Israel of the face of the earth”. But Israel is just small change as far as Iran is concerned. It’s a clever PR tool that is used, knowing how much antagonism there is towards Israel in the world today. This tool is so effective, that it makes people forget some basic facts: Iran is an autocratic fanatically religious country in which women are stoned to death for adultery, thieves get their arms get chopped off, and people who dare to speak their minds are brutally executed in a public square. It is a ruthless country to its own people, and it funds a large part of terrorism all around the world. Iran’s leader is very ambitious – he longs for a nuclear bomb first and foremost so he can threaten the free world. Yes, Iran is after the big money and not the small change. It wants nuclear arms in order to gain power that can be truly fatal for America, not for little Israel, which is just a pebble that stands in its way.


So for all those who’s hatred is so blinding that they can’t see what they’re rooting for, maybe for the sake of Valentine’s Day you’d like to take a five minute break from hating, and ask yourself a simple question: when you say things that legitimize acts of terror executed by America’s sworn enemy – who’s side are you really on?

Lie to me

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You know the guy from that TV show that can read people’s expressions and tell when they’re lying? Imagine what a tough job he’d have if he was in politics. The poor guy would collapse after his first day on the job.

Take, for instance, Mahmoud Abbas’s declaration today, that Israel alone is responsible for the failure of the recent attempt for peace talks. I must say, I really don’t blame Abbas. I guess if I were him, and I wanted to play my cards right, I would do the same. For him, going back to the UN and asking for a unilateral solution against Israeli citizen’s interests is a much better idea. When you’re dealing with a twisted world such as the one we live in, some people come to the conclusion that lying is the only way to go.

The UN is a great destination for Abbas to turn to. Why? Take for instance the fact that after a year of brutal killings of thousands, the UN is still contemplating if it’s right to condemn Syria. Just today, Russia declared it would veto any “wrong decision” against it. In our world, if you’re called the UN or wearing any other sort of disguise, the sad truth is that political interests are more important than humanity, money is more important than justice, and hate is more important than peace. But if you want to put those cruel political rules aside for a minute for a morsel of truth, here’s something you might like to know about Abbas’s real intentions.

In her book called No Higher Honor, Condoleezza Rice explains it rather well. Rice wrote that just over 3 years ago she was astounded when ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert aired his dramatic hard-to-imagine offer to Mahmud Abbas: he offered a Palestinian state on 94% of the West Bank, with land swaps to account for the rest. He also offered two capitals, one for Israel in West Jerusalem and one for the Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Rice recalled: “Am I really hearing this? I wondered. Is the Israeli prime minister saying that he’ll divide Jerusalem and put an international body in charge of the holy sites?”

Within this very generous offer, Olmert then also offered Abbas to allow 5,000 Palestinians to return to land of Israel. Rice presented the proposals to Abbas, but he immediately said he could not accept the return of only 5,000 of 4 million Palestinians and all their descendents who have been living outside of Israel for decades.

So Abbas is very comfortable with presenting things as if everything is Israel’s fault, and as if the argument is over the settlements, but that’s not true. Everyone knows that these settlements, although covered widely in the media, are in reality small patches of land, most of which would be evacuated and given to the new Palestinian state, and the rest swapped for identical size land elsewhere, so as to make things work out had there been a real intention for peace.

It’s comfortable for Abbas to keep selling this lie, and for a good reason: everyone seems to be buying it. But the truth is that when Abbas was offered this deal he supposedly wants, he refused. Why? Because he doesn’t just want “a Palestinian state”. He wants much much more.

Do you understand what this “right of return” of millions of Palestinians he’s talking about means? It means over 4 million Palestinians will have the right to become Israeli citizens. Not the new Palestinian state citizens, but Israeli ones. Since the entire population of Israel today consists of roughly 7 million, out of which about 5.5 million are Israeli Jews, and 1.5 million are Israeli Arabs, this means that the moment this were to occur, Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state. Yes, the real issue at stake here is not settlements or the establishment of a Palestinian state. The real issue is this alleged “right of return”, which means the end of Jewish Israel. If Israel would agree to this demonic demand, it would be equivalent to a person putting a bullet through his own head.

Still, in a world like ours, in which lies are warmly accepted by whoever has something to gain, Abbas cannot be blamed for playing the game.

But what about you? What have you, personally, got to gain from believing this lie? If you ask me – nothing. On the contrary – if you choose to continue to believe the lies, you will only be contributing to the further acceleration of the twisted way this world has learned to turn.


Give me a standard, please. And make it a double

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The great thing about leading a life of double standards is that you can preach about anything, while simultaneously doing the exact same thing you’re preaching against. It’s really such fun! You should definitely try this at home.

You want an example? Gladly, I happen to have plenty.

15 years ago, the American Congress decided to hunt down a terrific American president, Bill Clinton, for pursuing an affair with one, Monica Lewinsky. It was a well coordinated witch hunt led by the speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, who decided to put the interests of the Republican party above those of the American people.

But this week we learned that while Newt and the gang were riding their moral high horse, Newt was having a three year long affair with the woman who is now his third wife, while asking his second wife to have “an open relationship”, because he wanted to keep them both.

Not bad for leading a life of double standards, if you ask me.

You want another example? No problem, really. All you have to do is ask.

Ben White is a writer who preaches against racism and claims to be so pro-democracy you could just die. So he decided to write a book about racism and anti-democratic actions in Israel, neglecting to mention the fact that he’s a bit, oh, anti-semitic. He chose to ask a radical Arab-Israeli MP to write the forwarding note to his book, which made many eyebrows rise. This radical MP, who is involved with terrorist movements contrary to the Israeli law, wrote him a very radical text stating that Israel leads a racist regime, that it is ruled by apartheid laws, and that it is cruel and imperialistic.

That’s all really great, only they both neglected to ask themselves one question of very simple logic: is there another country in the world in which a state representative such as this MP could take actions like these? Actions against not only the state they represent, but actions that could actually harm the security of its citizens, and not be charged with treason, or be removed from their post? Hmmm. I don’t think so. I can’t think of one, anyway.

So could that possibly mean that no other state in the world takes the democratic idea as far as Israel does, as far as freedom of speech is concerned?

Still, this guyWhite will continue to write for the “distinguished” British Guardian, slandering Israel, every chance he gets.

Will White and Gingrich pay a price for leading a life of double standards?

It’s really up to each and every one of us to decide. Unfortunately, when someone feels fine with leading such double standard life, they are also fine with letting others pay for their exact same failings.

The only things we the people have to do is remember, is that if we let someone get away with their very obvious double standards, it’s ok. But it means something very clear about ourselves: yes, it means that we believe in the double standard way, and want to live by it too. It really means we want to try and excercise this trick at home.


Too much attention. Way too much

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Massive amounts of women in Cairo lost their calm and quit their repressed acceptance: they fled the streets in a protest about the violence of the police towards them. They have taken part in fighting for everyone’s revolution, but have been raped and beaten on the way, and may also lose the right they have just earned to vote, if the Salafi party, which has earned many votes for the Egyptian congress, will have its way.

More than 5,000 people have lost their lives in Syria in the past 10 months. Children have been tortured and shot dead, entire villages fled their homes and crossed the border to Turkey, and Assad denies having responsibility for this and still refuses to step down.

And the UN Security Council, including France’s, UK’s, Germany’s and Portugal’s votes, finds it necessary to severely condemn no other than Israel, for recent violent acts of right wing extremists, who have been punished by Israeli law.

And no-one feels the need to write about this ridiculous discrimination, or report it.

Moreover, popular columnists such as Tom Friedman, keep writing vicious columns about Israel. Friedman himself has recently apologized for insinuating that the American congress has been “bought” by the Jewish lobby.

I don’t know about you, but I have one way only to describe this: Israel seems to be getting too much attention. Way too much. The world, for some reason, feels fine about letting true atrocities and dangers continue, while watching Israel’s every action through a magnifying glass, and condemning it for anything it does.

In one word, this is called anti-Semitism. Look it up.



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